Dropshipping als Nebenjob: Alles, was Sie wissen müssen

Dropshipping as a side job: everything you need to know

In today’s digital era, the e-commerce sector is growing rapidly. In 2022 alone, global e-commerce sales topped $5.4 trillion, showing how fertile the field is for ambitious entrepreneurs. In this context, dropshipping proves to be an attractive option for those looking for a flexible sideline. In this blog post, we will explore the potential of dropshipping as a side hustle.

Does the employer have to approve it?

Before embarking on the dropshipping adventure, you should carefully review your employment contract. Some contracts have specific clauses that restrict secondary employment. It is advisable to seek the advice of a legal advisor if there is any ambiguity.

How much do you earn with dropshipping?

Revenues can vary widely. Some dropshippers report revenues in the four-figure range per month, while others have annual revenues in excess of six figures. Nevertheless, these figures are the exception rather than the rule. An average dropshipper could generate about 20,000 to 30,000 euros in the first year, depending on the product, strategy and commitment.

Can you make a lot of money with dropshipping?

There are successful examples such as that of Marc Chapon, who generated over 178,000 euros in sales within three months of launching his dropshipping business. But such success stories require intensive work, a clever strategy and sometimes a bit of luck.

How long does it take to make money with dropshipping?

The road to profit can be long. Some dropshippers report that it took them six to twelve months to make their first significant profit margin. It is important to be patient and have a long-term strategy.

How much does dropshipping cost per month?

Depending on how you run your business, monthly costs can vary greatly. For example, if you use Shopify as your platform, you pay a base amount of 29 euros per month. In addition, there are marketing costs, which can start at around 300 euros per month.

For whom is dropshipping worthwhile?

Dropshipping is ideal for those looking for a flexible side hustle that works well with other commitments. For example, students and full-time employees have successfully run dropshipping businesses.

How to pay taxes on dropshipping?

As a dropshipper, you are self-employed and subject to income tax. Let’s assume you generate 30,000 euros a year, and after deducting operating costs you are left with 20,000 euros. Depending on which country you live in, you could pay income tax on this amount.

Is being a dropshipper self-employed?

Yes, as a dropshipper you are your own boss. You decide when you work, what products you sell and how you run your business.

Can anyone get started with dropshipping?

Yes, but success is not guaranteed. According to a study by Ecommerce Lift, about 12-24 million online stores launch each year, but only about 650,000 generate more than $1,000 in annual sales.

When is it okay to start dropshipping?

Basically, there is no age limit for dropshipping. In Germany, for example, you can theoretically register a business at the age of 14, but with the consent of your parents.

The potential for dropshipping is enormous, but it requires commitment, strategy and patience. If you’re willing to invest these factors, dropshipping could be a rewarding side hustle for you.