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Foreword to the “Marketing and Sales” series for dropshippers

Lately we receive more and more requests from dropshipping newbies. Many of them have already undergone coaching, but are still unsure about how to practically start dropshipping. As a social media marketing expert, I feel like we should give these young entrepreneurs a helping hand. In this blog series “Marketing and Sales” I would like to discuss the following topics with you:

1. choose a trend product that you love yourself:

You should choose a product that you personally like the most. Only then can you develop the passion to market it. And your potential customers will feel it.

2. without marketing, no sales:

It is very unlikely that customers will accidentally end up in your store. I would say that marketing is the #1 factor for dropshipping. So, please inform yourself about it properly before you open a store.

3rd coaching:

Time and time again, we hear from clients who seem to have amassed over 30K followers on social media in a short period of time without much effort. I call that talent plus luck. But this is rare. In most cases, we have to invest time and effort ourselves to achieve good results. Therefore, at this point I would recommend saving the expensive coaching and instead gaining experience through learning-by-doing.

Please follow this series. We look forward to your feedback.