My experiences at the e-Commerce Day 2023 in Cologne – insights into the world of dropshipping and more

When I attended the e-Commerce Day in the VIP Lounge of the soccer stadium in Cologne on 05/05/2023, I aimed to write an informative blog post about the event. Despite a train delay that didn’t let me check in until 3:00 p.m., I was excited to see the show.

Unfortunately, the main theme of the event was the marketplace and not dropshipping, which slightly dampened my expectations. The exhibitors were mainly service providers from various fields such as logistics, sourcing, SEO, WAWI, test seals, financing and more. Kaufland Marktplatz acted as the main sponsor. The event was manageable, with an estimated maximum of 2000 visitors.

The day’s program consisted of various presentations, with the keynote by Ralf Rangnick, former Bundesliga coach and current owner of two rehabilitation centers, on leadership skills standing out.

The afterwork party was my personal highlight, where I had many interesting conversations with people from different fields over a delicious buffet and “a” glass of Kölsch. Although none of them were directly involved in dropshipping, I envisioned a network of SEO, tax, legal, testing seals, and social media marketing for our dropshipping business. All interviewees were well connected in the e-commerce industry and showed interest in our “Customers Recruit Customers Bonus Program”.

In summary, the show may not be ideal for someone just starting out with dropshipping. Nevertheless, it is helpful to meet interesting people from other fields and to broaden one’s own horizons.